A fluid-bed incinerator uses hot sand as a heat reservoir for dewatering the sludge and combusting the organics. The turbulence created by the incoming air and the sand suspension requires the effluent gases to be treated in a wet scrubber prior to final discharge. The ash is removed from the scrubber water by a cyclone separator. The scrubber water is normally returned to the treatment process and diluted with the total plant effluent. The ash is normally buried.

this picture of incinerator for hospital

this sample drawing autocad of incinerator, spesification :

1. Capacity 0,25 m3/hr

2. Wet scrubber

3. Chimney

4. Oil Tank 200 liter

Price Rp 1.000.000 include

1. Drawing asembly

2. Drawing detail

3. Estimasi material